Soldiers are your main line of defense and attack. They help take down enemies and protect your castle. Below is a list of soldiers which are unlocked and can be bought throughout the game. 

Soldiers listModifier



Research Tower:Modifier

Everwinter Glacier:Modifier

Burning Sands:Modifier

Fire Peaks:Modifier


  • Knight of the Kingsguard** - Great Empire Capital
  • Crossbowman of the Kingsguard** - Great Empire Capital
  • Sentinel of the Kingsguard - Great Empire Capital
  • Scout of the Kingsguard - Great Empire Capital
  • Renegade Norseman Warrior - Everwinter Glacier Capital
  • Renegade Norseman Bowman - Everwinter Glacier Capital
  • Renegade Saber Warrior - Burning Sands Capital
  • Renegade Desert Bowman - Burning Sands Capital
  • Renegade Cultist Bowman - Fire Peaks Capital
  • Renegade Cultist Warrior - Fire Peaks Capital

Battle for Berimond (Event):Modifier

  • Bear Bowman
  • Bear Warrior
  • Lion Bowman
  • Lion Warrior

Blade Coast (Event):Modifier

Herald of the Invasion (Nomad Event):Modifier

Marauders' Camp (Event):Modifier

  • Pyromaniac
  • Marauder
  • Veteran Pyromaniac
  • Veteran Marauder

Shadow Mercenary (Event):Modifier

Travelling Knights (Event):Modifier

Thorn King (Event)

  • Demon Slayer
  • Assasin


Note* - These can also be recruited from a capital, however only in capitals of their respective kingdom.

Note** - Recruitment Privileges of these troops are also available from some glory titles, Crossbowman is from "the Terrible" title and Knight is from "the Conqueror" title.Modifier

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