The bakery is a civil building that decreases food consumption of soldiers. It has 8 levels giving a final food reduction of 40%. It can only be built using rubies, and it's not demolishable. The first level costs 1200 rubies.


Image Building level Rubies Exp points Food consumption
Bakery2 1 650 +11 -5%
Bakery2 2 1250 +21 -10%
Bakery4 3 3650 +32 -15%
Bakery4 4 6250 +42 -20%
Bakery6 5 9450 +53 -25%
Bakery6 6 12500 +60 -30%
Bakery8 7 14750 +69 -35%
Bakery8 8 17000 +77 -60%


The bakery is considered by many to be the best building in the game, but also as too expensive for a non-ruby player. Even so, it should be the first ruby building you buy. Combining it with the Flour mill, which affects Farmhouse production, increases its effectiveness when supporting an army of hundreds or thousands.

An update on October 25, 2019 introduced the Bakery's relic counterpart, the Relic Bakery. It works the exact same way as the Bakery, but only goes up to level 5 (-25% food consumption). Building and maxing both of these buildings gives an amazing -65% food consumption. To elaborate, take two units that eat 4 and 5 food, respectively. The buildings modify their consumption to 1.4 and 1.75 food, respectively. Instead of merely having 200 Horror units at 1000 food/hr with no bakery or even 333 Horror units at 1000/hr with a lvl 8 bakery, you can achieve 571 Horror units at 1000 food/hr with both bakeries maxed.

Build and max the Flour mill to gain immense extra food production. That would increase the hypothetical 1000 food/hr to 1600 food/hr, a 60% increase. Combine all the buildings mentioned and enjoy 914 Horror units without going in the red for food.

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