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The battle for Berimond is an event. For more information, play it yourself! A camp will show up outside your castle. To participate, you must be level 30 or above and pay resources or rubies. Once you do, you are given a faction to fight for, either lions or bears. You get a camp with a few buildings. There are tents, where troops are stored and a training grounds where you can hire auxiliaries (Marksmen and Musclemen). Auxiliaries are cheap soldiers (same costs as Archers and Swordsmen) that can attack or defend when needed, and consume no food. In this event, there is a world map. However, you can also bring troops (and tools) from any normal Kingdom (The Great Empire, TheEverwinter Glacier, The Burning Sands, The Fire Peaks , and The Storm Islands) to help the auxiliaries win the battle. But keep in mind that troops sent to Berimond can not be brought back until the end of the event. Sending troops to Berimond will cost no coins. You can not send resources to Berimond.