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DarkZeus2002 DarkZeus2002 3 October 2021

Adminship Page

I noticed that GoodGame Empire Wiki:Requests for adminship | GoodGame Empire Wiki | Fandom Page is empty. Can someone with proper admin privileges add something to it please

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DarkZeus2002 DarkZeus2002 5 June 2021

Active Editors

Hey I just Wondering Who Are The Active Editors In this Wiki since this wiki needs a serious update due to updates rolled lately

As I currently Know,

  • Isabella and Lego Liker
  • AWS9891

Are Active.

Are their any other editors?

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Bruket Bruket 25 February 2021

easiest way to get a 100 rubies every hour

i have notices that in good game empire there is this woman named lady shadow she sends you on missions to attach different caste lords *player* every castle lord you defeat you get 100 rubies and some coins. this is great because its never a one time deal besides the timer you can attach as many players as you want and as long as you win. you get 100 rubies always. always be sure to send a friendly message to the player that you are attaching so he/she is mot caught of guard.also the players that you attack are always the same level as you are.

  • *excuse me for my grammar *
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Jun-dragon Jun-dragon 26 February 2020

What's going on in GGE that you want added?

Should there be anything that is not added to the wiki (i.e. about 60% of things in that game), please make a list here, or better yet make the page and then comment here when you do so.

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Slysoul129 Slysoul129 19 May 2019


Hey, this isn't really important but has anyone else noticed how the achievements have typos... And if there's any way to fix that...

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Topcat1957 Topcat1957 25 August 2018

The New Forge System

Since GGE has only recently added the ability to forge improvements to decorations most of us have probably not had much experience upgrading decorations yet. I have given it a go a couple of times. 

I think I performed the process correctly. The materials, dust, energy, etc were used up. But once I completed the forging process I didn't see how much improvement was made to the decoration being upgraded. I was simply taken back to the screen asking me if I wanted to upgrade. 

Someone wrote in the GGE forum that the improvement is quite minimal and not worth spending rubies to get dust for the process. One Fusion Coin costs 100 rubies, and it takes 10 coins to buy one 'dust'; so that works out to 1000 rubies for one unit of dust. 

Has anyone …

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Jeahra Jeahra 20 January 2018

Content sources

Our administrator has requested new editors (see here), which is fine, but I think a reason why that is, is because there is still much do to clean up this wikia site.

Here is my suggestion for a global task list of things to do:

  • Make templates that suit the guidelines of
    • This means no/few content parts such as tables that are wider than the page width.
    • Good templates mean less fussing about when an editor should just input data, not format or layout.
  • Restructure the categories. Using other is bad. More unique ones are better.
    • This of course includes the menu.
  • Define the page structure in an editors guide.
    • Maybe unit and building pages are different
  • Make a guides section. Can be combined with forum.
    • As a new player I was stunned by the st…
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Isabella and Lego Liker Isabella and Lego Liker 9 January 2018

The Future

Ok, we really need more editors on this wiki. I've been doing about 95%+ as of late of the work. If anyone knows anyone who even knows how to edit or ever better, play the game, that would be very nice to have here.

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Alkatraz300 Alkatraz300 25 June 2015


I was in many alliances like


Terra Nova II

Neph Gladiators

The Last Legion (current)

I will not be revealing names, though you may search for the players on the game. If you don't have a problem with me saying your name, please tell me on the message wall.

I started out in SKYRIM669, led by someone only 45 away from me. My friend was there too. We where the 2nd and 3rd highest level players out of that Level 1 alliance, the leader was barely online, and the other members were level 10>. I was promoted to Deputy along with everyone else, even though we were the most active players and the only 3 who donated to the Alliance Funds. However, the leader demoted me to War Marshal and then sent me a message saying it was a promotion! I was a …

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Alkatraz300 Alkatraz300 25 June 2015

Editing The Wiki

When I started looking to this wiki for information, this was my simple goal: get a chart of the alliance rank list. I realized it wasn't here and that it had outdated statistics, incorrect spelling (mostly of the word "defense"), and even blank pages. I knew things even only being level 31 right now, and I knew that new users would turn to this wiki for information, and I wanted to give it to them. Now I can almost always go to a random page and add a link or change some spelling. I hope I can make a big impact on this wiki.

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Dark Matter7 Dark Matter7 30 November 2014

New Players

This will be a simple step by step guide to starting a new empire until lv10.

- Use vaild email if possible, this is because you get a 300 rubys for free and secondly if someone else somehow gets onto your account they could change your password and you will therefore never be able to go on your account.

- Level up all towers to lv1 as soon as you can, this is because once you reach a certain lv (around lv9) the towers take the normal time to upgrade, if you do this properly you can save around an hour of building which is most useful when you are low level, this applies with buildings llike taverns and guardhouses however guardhouses are not so important as taverns at the low levels.

-Join a decent alliance, when i say 'decent' i mean an all…

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Muhammad2oo1 Muhammad2oo1 25 January 2014

Top 14 Newbie Tips

A lot of people surf the web looking for tips on the game Empire by Goodgame Studios. What I have found, most sites don't offer an actual step by step list of things needed to succeed at this game. Today I will be sharing with you a few things I've learned on my journey to becoming King of my empire.


1. Use a valid email to receive ruby bonuses!

When you first begin the game, you are awarded 300 rubies after completion of a few levels. The only way to obtain this prize is to have a valid email address. 

2. Do not attack any real person before your protection mode fades.

Take the entire 7 days to develop your castle and army. You will have plenty of time to attack people but ensuring you have a solid foundation is a must. Protection mode …

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Saints5 Saints5 18 November 2012

More Worlds!!!!!!!!

I just reached the Battle of Berrimond area! I'mm a bear too! I'm really excited to get to know the new stuff. I'll post some of the new info on info as soon as I get there.

Nevermind it, cause the area just got removed, but I'll keep this in case the area become reavailable in the future. But, I did get a Bear statue out of it

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Lubbydubby101 Lubbydubby101 29 August 2012

This needs help

Alright this wikia needs serious help I a mgonna try and find and expirienced Wikia to help out.

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