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The Adventure tab is a feature in which castle lords can either attack kingdom NPC towers (RBCs are classified as kingdom NPC towers), or use rubies to obtain pieces of a map that correlates with the kingdom. Every map has a story, and the reward is a decoration directly related to the story.

Adventure to the Treasure Castle[]

Once the player completes the map, they can start an adventure, with the goal being to get to the Treasure Castle (TC) and taking the story decoration. They can only use troops from their main castle, and the Commander provided is fixed with no stats. The the travel time is set, and increases with every enemy outpost. Rubies can be used to instantly reach the outposts.

Enemies in the outposts and TC are called "Highwaymen" in the Travel Overview. (Could be trivia). Successfully attacking Highwaymen yield rubies.

After every enemy, there is an obstacle in which the player has to pay in resources or coins. 

  • Swamp: Hire a Guide to navigate through the swamp, using coins.
  • Bridge: Repair a bridge using wood and stone.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 8.36.32 PM.png

Once the Treasure Castle is defeated, the story decoration is rewarded and the adventure is over. A new one can begin once the pieces of the map for that are found.


Many years ago, probably 2012, there were only 3 adventures at the time, and GGE did not make more until a very long time later.

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