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Coins as depicted in Goodgame Empire.

Coins are the main currency in the Goodgame Empire. The other currency is rubies which are the premium currency. Players can complete various tasks with coins such as recruiting soldiers. Coins are earned via collecting taxes, attacking and plundering Robber Baron Castles and also player castles, along with other methods.

Acquiring Coins[]

There is a wide variety of ways for players to earn coins, these include:

Similiar to rubies, players can purchase coins for real money however unlike rubies, there is only one denomination for purchase at £17.99 which is a "regular supply of gold for 6 weeks" resulting in 20,000 coins in total, which makes it very silly to do, as you can get nearly double (or about 2.35 times with a loot bonus) from defeating the Robber Baron Fortres as an L70.