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GGE Coupon Codes

  1. GRYJEJA22

Link: [1]


No link required. You can activate this code in normal game window.

Rewards in total:
- 2400 fortune wheel tickets
- 3 decorations: 205, 205, 230 PO
- 100k coins
- 10 days of VIP time
- 20.000 VIP points
- 250 1 hour time skip

Code expiration time: August 14th 2022


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Defense Workshop is a building where defense tools are produced. Only one can be built in each castle and/or outpost. It has four levels, and at each level, different tools can be made to protect your castle from incoming attacks.


Image Building level Level required Cost Exp points Production speed bonus
DefenseWorkshop-lv1.png 1 5 61 Wood & 30 Stone 9 0%
DefenseWorkshop-lv2.png 2 16 1693 Wood & 1580 Stone 35 +5%
DefenseWorkshop-lv3.png 3 38 8146 Wood & 13623 Stone 65 +10%
DefenseWorkshop-lvl4.png 4 Unlocked by skill: The last line of defense level 1 550 Construction Tokens & 2300 Upgrade Tokens 98 +15%


Upon building the Defense Workshop (level 1) you start with access to Hurling rocks, Tar pitch kettle, Castle gate reinforcement, and Insulating mat.

At level 2 you unlock Flaming arrows and Bulwark. At this point, you now also gain access to Dummies, which are defensive tools, that when your castle or outpost is spies upon fool enemy players into thinking that they are units. The three types of dummies are the Dummy melee soldiers, Dummy ranged soldiers, and Dummy archers.

At level 3 , seeing as you might have a moat tools, by now you gain access to two moat defense tools, there are Sharpened stakes and Swamp snapper.

At level 4, you will unlock various defense tools, which almost all tool has double effect. You must unlock building skill first in order to unlock tools.


The Defense workshop is effective but costly and slow in production. Here are ways to cut costs and increase productivity :

Decreases Cost[]

  • Defense tool cost build item (primary).

Increases Speed[]

  • Public Order : The higher the public order, the faster the production speed.
  • Forge : Increases speed by a percentage, similar to Sawmill, Stonemason, and Flour mill.
  • Research Tower : "Workbench".

Disclaimer: The tools listed above are not all the tools in the defense category, they are simply the tools that can be produced by the Defense Workshop, for a list of (almost) all siege tools visit [1]