The Estate is a building that can be built in your castle in the Great Empire once you have achieved level 13. You can upgrade it 2 more times. This building allows you to capture outposts from either the inactive state or from another player. If you have the men, it is recommended to capture an already functioning outpost to save your resources, but many Alliances count capturing outposts as an act of war. If you build your own, capturing it near your base allows accessibility as well as allowing you to send market barrows to it faster with the required Resources.


Resources Time with (hh:mm:ss)
Image Building level Level required Wood Stone Exp points Avaliable castellans Keep Level 1 Keep Level 2 Keep Level 3 Keep Level 4 Keep Level 5
Estate Level 1
Level 1


2077 1728 25 1 13:56:00 6:58:00
Estate Level 2
Level 2 19 3689 3813 30 2 10:00:00
Estate Level 3
Level 3 31 10,016 14,393 47 3 49:03:12 40:52:40

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