Building Granaries and Farmhouses produce food.

Food is one of the three main resources in the entire game. It keeps your soldiers alive. The flour mill increases food production.


  • Production: Food can be produced by FarmhousesGranariesRelic Greenhouses or Relic Conservatories. It can also be obtained as rewards from many sources, including Nobility Contests, missions from the mercenary post, rewards for completing a number of daily tasks, the Wheel of Fortune etc. You can also purchase food from the Travelling Merchant, however the cost (in rubies) is usually extortionately high, so this is not recommended.
  • Feeding Troops: The main purpose of food is to feed your troops. Each soldier requires food to survive, which is taken from your storehouse to feed them. If your food production is greater than the combined food consumption of all the troops in your castle, then you will produce food. This net production is known as the Food production per hour. If your troops are consuming more fod than your castle is producing, this number becomes negative, and you will begin to lose food. If any castle runs out of food, soldiers are put in the military hospital until the Food Production is higher than the Food Consumption.

It is a good idea to find food outposts, especially those which can support 8 food production buildings at a 100% workload, so that you can produce the most food possible, and ultimately so you can have more troops in the castle. Adding public order items is a good way to increase the overall productivity of a castle, and thus increase food production. (ex. an L6 farmhouse with a 262% bonus working at 42% actually makes 62 food an hour, or about 112% of normal, while an L10 Farmhouse working at 100% with the same bonus makes 231 an hour!)

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