GoodGame Empire Wiki

Goodgame Empire is a free-to-play browser real-time strategy game developed by Goodgame Studios. Players build their own castle, create a powerful army, and then take part in player-vs-player (PvP) battles. 


Players begin as the lord of a castle in a kingdom called 'The Great Empire', taking charge of a small fortress that can eventually be upgraded into the capital of a kingdom. Players will assemble armies to defend their castle and to help expand their territory. Players can extend economic systems to help support the production of new technology, buildings, and troops. Players can form alliances or wage war with/against other players. 

Players will accumulate resources such as wood, stone, and food over time and can spend these materials building new structures, they feeding their armies. Kingdom resources such as charcoal, olive oil, glass, and iron become an available resource later on as one levels up.

Players can also own up to 3 outposts (OPs) that can be captured from other players or built from scratch.

As a player advances, they unlock further kingdoms:

  • Everwinter Glacier (Level 25) (Level 18 for rubies)
  • Storm Islands (Level 35)
  • Burning Sands (Level 40) (Level 35for rubies)
  • Fire Peaks (Level 50) (Level 45 for rubies)

Hall of Fame

Goodgame Empire has won the following awards:

  • European Games Award 2014
  • Bam Award 2012
  • European Games Award 2011