The stats as of the Current version.


Heavy-Crossbowman. The colors on its Chestplate and Helmet change depending on your Coat of Arms colors.

The Heavy Crossbowmen are troops recruited from the Barracks on level 5, or from various other means such as daily rewards and the mercenary post on lower levels. They are strong troops used in the mid-stage of the game, stronger than the Bowman and Crossbowman in attack and weaker than the far-superior Veteran Crossbowman and Crossbowman of the kingsguard. However they go well with the Two-handed Swordsman. They are more adapted to attacking rather than defending. Using them as defender troops will be an wrong choice, Archers and the Longbowman are better troops to defend with.


  • Ranged Attack: 92
  • Ranged Defense: 24
  • Melee Defense: 15
  • Speed: 20
  • Looting capacity: 32
  • Food Consumption: 4 per hour
  • Price: 110 Coins