The mood of the people


Here are all of the quests for level 5:


The mood of the people 1/2Edit

Build another dwelling first to increase the population. Objectives:

Build a second level 1 dwelling.

Reward, 42 XP, 35 stone, 65 wood.

The mood of the people 2/2Edit

You now have to build decorative items and ensure that public order increases again. Objectives:

Achieve 4 public order.

Own 1 decorative item.

Reward, 43 XP, 40 stone, 40 wood.

You're the greatest! 1/3Edit

Gosh! Your custle is huuuge! But it's pretty brown, too. Don't you want to make it more colorful? Objectives:

The first page in the quest book

The first page in the quest book.

Achieve 8 public order.

Own 2 decorative items.

Reward, 58 XP, 45 stone, 45 wood.

You're the greatest! 2/3Edit

I found this cute puppy when I was playing in the woods... Can I keep him? He hurt his paw, can you give me some coins so I can take him to the healer? Objectives:

Provide 15 coins.

Reward, 61 XP, 45 stone, 60 wood

You're the greatest! 3/3Edit

I got word from my family! They are rebuilding our lovely village.
Oh, if only I had enough money to go home! Objectives:

Provide 20 coins.

Reward, 109 XP, 65 food, 85 wood.

Your castle must growEdit

Who cares about the loss of a few construction workers? We have lots more! Objectives:

Build a second level 1 farmhouse.

Reward, 59 XP, 25 coins, 35 food.

Time for a boostEdit

Don't let the unions bother you, 36 hours a day is totally acceptable. Objectives:

Build a second level 1 stone quarry.

Reward, 59 XP, 50 coins, 40 stone.