The Marauder is a melee soldier that has both high melee attack, decent travel speed, and a very large carrying capacity. This makes them ideal for looting resources. They are not good at defense, use soldiers such as Veteran Spearmen or Halberdiers instead. Marauders can be obtained in these ways:
  • By contributing wood, stone, and food (& therefore getting points) in the marauder mini event.
  • By completing a mission at the mercenary post which includes marauders as a reward.
  • Earning them as a log-in bonus.

Also available are veteran marauders (and Veteran Pyromaniacs) which are acquired by being in the top 20 of the marauder mini event.


  • Melee combat attack power: 113
  • Strength in defense against melee soldiers: 18
  • Strength in defense against ranged soldiers: 4
  • Looting capacity: 70
  • Travel Speed: 30
  • Food consumption: 4