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Might points show the skill of a player. Upgrading buildings gives might points. Earning new rewards and glory ranks or gallantry ranks give might points. Earning a specific amount of might points will get you rewards. Remember that you lose might points if your title (glory or Beriomnd) goes down.


At certain points the game will reward you with some gifts.

Note: A dash (-) denotes nothing given for that column, whereas blank denotes "no data" / "missing information".

Might Points Rubies Units Items
35000 N/A

50x Assassin, 50x Demon slayer

50000 N/A 100x Renegade swashbuckler N/A
75000 1000 100x Renegade Sail Ripper N/A
100000 N/A 100x Renegade cave smasher 50x Breaching tower 50x Boulders
150000 N/A 150x Renegade cave hunter 100x Breaching Tower 100x Boulders