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GGE Coupon Codes

  1. GRYJEJA22

Link: [1]


No link required. You can activate this code in normal game window.

Rewards in total:
- 2400 fortune wheel tickets
- 3 decorations: 205, 205, 230 PO
- 100k coins
- 10 days of VIP time
- 20.000 VIP points
- 250 1 hour time skip

Code expiration time: August 14th 2022


GoodGame Empire Wiki

The Relic Shortbowman is a strong relic ranged attack unit that is unlocked when Barracks are upgraded to level 9. They are very expensive compared to regular coin units until the June 2020 update. Their strength is better than most coin unit troops, but weaker than the Deathly Horror in intial state. These are the second of the four relic units that can be unlocked.

In June 2020 updates, the cost of Relic Shortbowman reduced from 2070 to 255 coins, and much cheaper and stronger than Imperial Marksman (305 coins), Spear Woman (300 coins) and Elite Crossbowman (300 coins) respectively, but cost more food these three unlocked ranged units (5), and similar to Deathly Horror in food consumption.

In April 2022 updates, all relic units were introduced a leveling system similar to sovereign units. You can buy this max level units from special offers, by paying 1225 Rubies for 1000 units, or pay 8750 Rubies for 10000 units. The cost of recruit increase every time you level up.