Resource villages (RV's) are found in the Everwinter Glacier, the Burning Sands, and the Fire Peaks. They give a production bonus to a certain resource (wood resource villages give a wood bonus, stone resource villages give a stone bonus, food resource villages give a food bonus). Resource villages may only be captured by a standard attack from either the player's main castle.  However, a shadow attack, if successful, will leave behind an unoccupied resource village.  It is best to leave 1 defender at your Resource Villages, as most capture attacks on Resource Villages are undefendable. Leaving all your defenders in your Resource Villages would be a waste, as you'd be easily defeated in battle. That's why you leave only 1 defender. A resource village attack should not be done lightly, since it may start wars.

Resource villages in Everwinter Glacier level 25 plusEdit

food: +50%

  • Wood: +25%
  • Stone: +25%

Resource villages in Burning Sands level 35 plusEdit

  • Food: +35%
  • Wood: +20%
  • Stone: +20%

Resource villages in Fire Peaks level 45 plus Edit

  • Food: +30%
  • Wood: +20%
  • Stone: +20%