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Rubies as depicted in-game.

Rubies are the premium currency in the game. You can use them to finish construction instantly, purchase special buildings, special tools and other items. Many special events do have to do with spending rubies, like special offers or the Gift Peddler. There are also sometimes way to earn rubies in nobility contests. There are a variety of ways for players to acquire rubies - some requiring real world money and some merely taking time. Some players consider rubies to be almost "game breaking" although this is debatable as some players see them as more of a challenge when up against a "ruby player" opponent.

Purchasing Rubies[]

There are a wide variety of ways for players to acquire rubies - the quickest being simply to purchase them with real world money via Goodgame Studios. Other methods include levelling up, by completing certain quests or simply just by logging in once a day. Players can purchase a varying amount of rubies at a variety of prices. The prices range from £0.99 for 1,500 rubies all the way up to £49.99 for 112,000 rubies.

However, in the U.S, prices can range from $1.99 for 1,700 rubies, all th

The UK version of the payment shop with the varying prices and quantities along with the different payment methods.

e way up to $99.99 for 130,000 rubies. Seen to the right is a screenshot of the payment shop, depicting the varying prices and quantities of rubies available for purchase. Along with the differing amounts of rubies available for purchase, there is also a wide variety in which players can actually pay for them, inclduing via text.

Additionally, you can purchase the Ruby Mine, which dispenses a number of rubies over a length of time.

Value of Rubies[]

In the US, 1 ruby is worth an incredibly small amount, at approximately $0.00117 per ruby. This means that for every $1 you spend, you get about 854.27 rubies. As such, $100 should theoretically buy you 85,427 rubies, however GGE offers a 52% bonus (130,000 rubies) should you spend $99.99.

The daily task, which awards 100 rubies per day, means you are working for $0.117 worth of rubies a day.

In terms of how much rubies are per coin, the Traveling merchant's average prices on coins in exchange for rubies were used.

((30000/2970)+(53000/4960)+(95000/8780))/3 = 10.5355 coins per ruby on average, so about 0.0949 rubies per coin.

Earning Rubies[]

Player can also earn rubies throughout the game via a wide variety of methods. These include:

  • Collecting the daily login bonus
  • Completing all 12 Daily tasks
  • Completing quests
  • Leveling up
  • Reach the certain achievement points
  • Attacking Robber Baron Castles
  • Attacking fortresses (eg. sand fortress yields 280 rubies)
  • Attacking Berimond Watchtowers
  • Watching a video (20 Rubies), up to 100 Rubies per day.
  • Spin a wheel of fortune. Sometimes give you 530 rubies or more
  • Pay rubies in Fortune teller. Sometimes doubles your rubies after you paid

While this is a much slower method to acquire rubies, it's doesn't require any real money thus it doesn't require a credit or debit card either.

Ruby Buildings[]

Here are the list of ruby buildings (include upgrading a buildings in certain level using rubies).

  • Master builder*
  • Town house*
  • Hunting lodge (level 2 and 3) (Cannot construct in OP)
  • Construction crane*
  • Bakery
  • Glory memorial (Cannot construct in OP)
  • Forge
  • Willow of experience* (main)
  • Military hospital (level 4 and above)
  • Stables (level 2 and 3)*
  • Fire station*
  • Drill ground*
  • Watchtower*
  • University (main)
  • Dry storehouse (level 4 and 5)* (EW)
  • Olive press (level 4 and 5)* (BS)
  • Glass furnace (level 4 and 5)* (FP)

Note : * = demolishable, (main) = only in main castle