Siege workshop is a building where siege tools can be produced. Only one siege workshop can be built in each Castle or Outpost. More siege tools are unlocked with each upgrade. You can build Resource Tools, or instantly receive other more effective tools for Rubies. For example, the variant of the Loot sack would be the Loot cart, and the Scaling ladder variant would be the Siege tower. The production is increased by 5% when you upgrade it.


Resources Time with (hh:mm:ss)
Image Building level Level required Wood Stone Exp points Might points Production speed Keep Level 1 Keep Level 2 Keep Level 3 Keep Level 4 Keep Level 5
SiegeWorkshop-lv1 Level 1 4 118 63 +7 2 0% 01:23:00 01:06:24 00:55:20 00:47:25 00:41:30
SiegeWorkshop-lv2 Level 2 17 1975 1908 +22 20 +5% 13:46:00 11:00:48 09:10:40 07:52:00 06:53:00
SiegeWorkshop-lv3 Level 3 38 8146 13623 +40 66 +10% 45:20:00 36:16:00 30:13:20 25:54:17 22:40:00

Upgrades Edit

Upon building the Siege Workshop (level 1) you can now construct the Scaling ladder, Siege tower, Battering ram, and the Iron ram.

At level 2 you get a variety of new tools, which consists of the Mantlet, Cast iron mantlet, Loot sack, Loot cart, Banner, and War banner.

At level 3 you can now create tools to help you bypass Moats, the two new unlocked tools are the Wood bundle and the Assault bridge.


The Siege workshop is effective but costly and slow in production. Here are ways to cut costs and increase productivity:

Decreases CostEdit

  • Blueprint build item Siege tool cost. Acquired by research.

Increases SpeedEdit

  • Public Order
  • The Forge : Increases speed by a percentage, similar to the Flour mill , Sawmill , and Stonemason .
  • Glory Titles : "the Noble" and "the Relentless" increases speed of rams, ladders, and shields.
  • Research Tower : "Workbench" .
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