The Battle for Berimond is an event that takes place in a separate kingdom created specifically for the event, where castle lords fight for Leopold III or Grimbert of Urisdae in their conquest to claim the throne of Berimond. This event has several unique and exclusive aspects.
Battle for Berimond


You are automatically placed in one of two "houses", the House of Gerbrandt or the House of Ursidae. If you are in an alliance, you will be put in the same house as them. Your goal is to work together with the other players in your house to destroy watchtowers belonging to the enemy through a certain number of successful attacks in an effort to reach their capital. If you and your house succeed in reaching the enemy capital and destroying it, you can permanently destroy enemy camps and their owners will not be able to reenter the battle until the next event.


  • Auxiliaries
    • Auxiliaries are special units that can only be recruited in a Berimond camp (the equivalent of a castle in any other kingdom).They do not consume food. They can be recruited at the Training grounds, and you are limited in how many auxiliary units you can have by the level of you Auxiliary's headquarters. There are two (2) types of auxiliary units: Muscle man and Marksman.
      • The Muscle man is a melee unit with 116 attack power, 142 melee defense power, and 52 ranged defense power
      • The Marksman is a ranged unit with 97 attack power, 59 melee defense power, and 132 ranged defense power
  • Gallantry Points
    • Gallantry is essentially "Berimond glory". It is earned through attacks on enemy camps and watchtowers. There are a number of tools you can use to increase the gallantry you earn from a battle. As you reach certain amounts of gallantry points earned, you will earn new and unique titles and rewards. You can unlock the recruitment of special attack units as you earn new titles, and win both horror units and special tools as rewards for reaching certain targets.

Some Things to NoteEdit

Public order is replaced by morale in Berimond. Morale is increased by decorative items that can only be built in your camp. The higher your camp's morale is, the stronger your units will be when attacking and defending.

Each watchtower is surrounded by resource villages. These resource villages are invulnerable until the nearby watchtower is destroyed. After that, whoever captures them receives bonus resources.

Resource production is based on the balance of power between the two sides (indicated at the top of the screen by red and blue bars). The more your house is winning, the less resources you produce.

In order to use the tools that increase the gallantry you earn as mentioned above, you must send them from other kingdoms (usually The Great Empire). You can, however, spend rubies at the Berimond Armorer in your camp to buy said tools and have them immediately available for use.

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