The Keep is essentially the Courtyard of your castle. The remaining troops that are not positioned on the wall will defend it. The keep can be upgraded till level 6, and it cannot be demolished. When you first start the game, it is the only building in your castle, and when you capture an outpost, it is the only building standing. The keep controls the construction speed of the buildings in the castle. The keep also has a safe camp which stores 800 (Level 1), 1000 (Levels 2, 3, 4, 5) and 2000 (Level 6) of each resource which cannot be plundered by enemies when they attack. At level 1 the keep made of wood at level 2 the keep is have a blue roof and the keep changed at level 3 the keep is gray color and the roof is fully blue with a tower. At level 4, the roof is red and some iron is attached at certain parts and a flag is attached to the back tower. At level 5, the entire building is made out of stone and metal. The keep itself gets a redesign with the central tower becoming rectangular. The back tower design and the flag poles are also changed.

In June 2020 update, The Keep gained a new level: level 6, along with the level 8 Storehouse and Barracks levels 14 & 15 respectively. Later at the end of July, you now need to research the keep skill in the hall of legends (legendary 650 and scalps required) to upgrade. This update also added level 6 walls, towers, gates, and the level 11 hospital, all unlocked by researching the appropriate techs in the hall of legends



Resources required


Time to build with 
Image Building level Level required Wood Stone XP earned after upgraded Construction speed Safe Storage level (hh:mm:ss)
Keep L1
1 1 0 0 6 100% 800 -
Keep l2
2 11 1255 960 20 125% 1,000 06:48:00
Keep l3
3 24 6,347 7,627 40 150% 1,000 29:27:12
Keep L4
4 52 |23,200 48,156 47 175% 1,000 33:20:00
5 68 72,010 80,980 51 200% 1,000 39:43:48
6 Legendary 650 & the proper tech in hall of legends  ?  ? 111 200% 2000 hh:mm:ss
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