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Hello everyone. I am a player of this game. I am from Indonesia. Currently I played in mobile version, not PC Version. I look many of this information are outdated, and I have updated several information correctly. I am playing in ID1 Server. I play this game 6 years ago, and retiring from 2016, then return from April 2020 until now. Currently, I have four accounts in server ID1. I hope you are work together for us to updated information become the correct one. I really hate someone if the edit is revert to outdated version, because i see some of the ruby cost, is based on 2014 version. Look Bakery is the example I made difference of PC and mobile version, to avoid confusion.

Pages that I've updated informations and currently updated[]

Before I edit this page. this page is outdated, until I updated in correctly. Because I updated based on mobile version, I hope you understand it.

Table Simplification[]

Some pages I just only change the table look to more simple and easier to understand. Keep updating about new update and stay tune. Due to this fandom using UCP, I only used source edit, due to visual editor and source editor spacing bugs if you switch and vice versa.