Veteran swordsman

Do not worry about the shield colors, it varies depending on your coat of arms.

Veteran swordsman statistics

Statistics of veteran swordsman.

Veteran swordsman are the stronger version of the standard swordsman.  You use the research this with research tower level 3.  They are versatile melee soldiers. TIP: These soldiers can both be good for attack AND defense, so use them often, but keep in mind that unlike most recruitable attackers, who eat 4 food every hour, or most recruitable defenders, who eat 3, the Veteran Swordsman eats 6.


  • 111 melee attack power
  • 138 melee defense power
  • 72 ranged defense power
  • 29 loot capacity
  • 28 travel speed
  • 6 food consumption


  • Oddly, this is the only recruitable soldier (without needing a title) who will never be at the Mission post that one can recruit at the Barracks. This is likely due to lack of a Veteran Archer.